Высокотехнологичная бытовая техника и оборудование (заимствование в русский язык высокотехнологичной бытовой техники и оборудования)

High Tech Household Appliances (Borrowing of English names of High Tech Household Appliances into Russian)

High Tech Appliances

Do you know that

  • the Motherland of the most of High Tech Appliances is the English – speaking countries;
  • in Russia people widely use different High Tech Household Appliances in their everyday life nowadays;
  • the Russian language borrows all the English names of High Tech Appliances;
  • High Tech Appliances people use in their everyday privite life are divided into the following groups:
    • High Tech Kitchen Appliances
    • High Tech Household Appliances
    • High Tech Electric Appliances for Study and Sitting Rooms

High Tech Kitchen Appliances

  • Blender (блендер) – a piece of electrical equipment that mixes food or turns soft food into a liquid

  • Electric coffee grinder (электрическая кофемолка)

  • Dishwasher (посудомоечная машина)

  • Food processor (кухонный комбайн) – a piece of electrical equipment used for cutting food into very small pieces or mixing different foods together

  • Electric cooker (электроплита)

  • Electric touch oven = electric sensor oven (электрическая сенсорная плита с духовкой)

  • Gas cooker (газовая плита)

  • Gas oven (газовая духовка или плита с духовкой)

  • Electric cooker hood (электрическая вытяжка над плитой)

  • Electric kettle (электрический чайник)

  • Electric water heater (электроводонагреватель)

  • Gas water heater (газовый водонагреватель)

  • Immension heater (кипятильник)

  • Digital kitchen clock (цифровые кухонные часы)

  • Timer (таймер) – a small piece of equipment used for measuring time for example when you are cooking

  • Electric juicer (электрическая соковыжималка)

  • Lemon squeezer (лимоновыжималка)

  • Microwave (микроволновая печь)

  • Electric mincer = meat grinder = meat chopper (электрическая мясорубка)

  • Roster (ростер – бутербродница для горячих бутербродов)

  • Shaker (шейкер) – a container used for mixing alcoholic drinks to make a cocktail

  • Siphon (сифон) – a tube used for siphoning liquid from one container to another

  • Thermos = thermos flask = Thermos jug (термос, торговая марка)

High Tech Household Appliances (Mod Cons, inf.)

  • Air ionizer (ионизатор воздуха)

  • Humidifier (увлажнитель воздуха)

  • Electric heater = electric radiator (электрический обогреватель)

  • Electric shaver (электробритва)

  • Electric sewing machine (электрическая швейная машина)

  • Electric driller (электрическая дрель)

  • Washer – dryer = washer – drier (сушилка для белья)

  • Mower (газонокосилка)

  • Trimmer (триммер – сенокосилка, газонокосилка)

High Tech Electrical Appliances for Study and Sitting Room

  • Adapter = adaptor (адаптер) – 1) an object that allows you to connect two pieces of equipment of different types or sizes; 2) an object that allows you to connect several pieces of electrical equipment to one electricity supply

  • Camcorder – a small camera used for recording pictures and sound onto videotape

  • Cassette player = cassette recorder (кассетный магнитофон)

  • CD player = compact disc player

  • Decoder (декодер) – a pieces of equipment that changes Digital, electronic signals into a picture and sound on your television

  • Dictaphone (торговая марка) (диктофон) - a pieces of equipment you speak into to make a recorded document that someone can listen to and type later

  • Digital TV-set = Digital televigion (цифровое телевидение)

  • Hi-Fi = hi-fi system – a piece of electronic equipment used for playing recorded music

  • Liquid crystal TV-set (жидкокристаллический телевизор)

  • Loadspeaker (громкоговоритель)

  • Flip phone – a small mobile phone that closes by folding in the middle to make it easier to carry
  • Palmcorder – a small camcorder that fits in the palm of your hand
  • Photocopier – a machine that copies documents or pictures from one piece of paper to another (ксерокс)

  • Record player (проигрыватель)

  • DVD-player

  • DVD-player with karaoke

  • Split-screen TV-set – showing two or more pictures or sets of information on one screen
  • Speak phone – a telephone with which you can have a conversation with someone with out having to hold the phone to your ear
  • Hands free (комплект громкой мобильной связи)

  • Satellite phone (спутниковый телефон)

  • Stereo = stereo system

  • Teleconference (телеконференция) – a meeting help among people in different places using an electronic communications system, often television

  • Smart card – a small plastic card that stones information in electronic form, used for example like a passport or for paying for things in shops

  • SIM card (subscriber identity module card) – a small piece of plastic that is inside a mobile phone and contains information about the person who uses the phone

  • Talking book – a cassette or CD that has the voice of someone reading a book recorded on it
  • Touch screen – a computer screen that you touch in order to choose what you want to see next
  • Touch-tone phone – a telephone that has buttons with numbers on them that make a sound when you press them
  • Tuner (тюнер) – 1) the part of a radio or television that receives broadcast signals; 2) a piece of equipment that receives radio signals

  • Walkman (торговая марка) a type of small cassette or CD player with head phones that you can carry with you

  • Videophone – a telephone with a screen and camera that allows you to see the person you are talking to

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