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The Russian language year in Russia
The influence of western nourishment system upon alimentation traditions in Russia
(borowing of english names of food into Russian)
Executunt: Goryunova Ksenia, Michailova Yana, 11B form
Tutor: Kholoevskaya G. I.

The borrowed into Russian dishes can be divided into the following groups:

Hors d’oeuvres (Fr) = starters:

crouton (Fr.) - a small piece of hard bread served on soup and in salads;
French bread=French stick - bread in the form of a long thin stick that is soft on the inside and hard on the outside;
French toast - bread covered in raw egg and milk and cooked on hot fat;
Marmite (trademark) - a food made from yeast (=a white substance used for making bread rise or for making beer) and cooked vegetables that is spread onto bread or used for flavorings other foods;
luncheon meat - a type of food consisting of pieces of cooked meat pressed together, sold in a tin (=metal container) and eaten cold;
salami - a type of sausage containing strong spices, cut thin an served cold; smoked salmon - an expensive food consisting of very thin pieces of salmon that has been smoked.

The main dishes:

baked beans - beans cooked in tomato sauce and sold in a can. Baked beans are often simply called beans;
baked potato=jacket potato - a potato that is packed and served with its skin on;
fish and chips - meal consisting of fish and long thin pieces of potato both cooked in very hot oil;
fricassee (Fr.) - a meal that consists of pieces of meat cooked in a thick white sauce;
macaroni (Ital.) - a type of pasta in the form of short curved tube;
macaroni cheese - a meal consisting of macaroni in a cheese sauce;
mashed potato - potatoes boiled in water, crushed, and then mixed with milk and butter until they are smooth;
meatball - meat that is cut into very small pieces, shape into balls, and cooked appends into balls, and cooked;
moussaka - a Greek mael made from layers of meat, aubergines and cheese.

Desserts and sweets:

apple pie - a sweet food made from apples baked in pastry;
cracker - a type of thin dry hard biscuit often eaten with cheese;
cream - a thick yellowish-white liquid taken the top of milk;
ice-cream - a frozen sweet food made from cream or milk and sugar, often with fruit or chocolate added to flavour it;
ice lolly=popcicle (Am. E. ) - a piece of sweet flavoured ice or ice-cream on a stick;
fruit salad - a food consisting of small pieces of different types of fresh fruit, usually eaten as a dessert;
lollipop - a hard sweet on the end of a stick;
marmelade - a sweet food made from cooked fruit such as oranges or lemons that is usually spread onto bread and eaten at breakfast;
pancakes - a thin round flat food made by cooking a mixture of flour, eggs, and milk;
1.a soft sweet food that you eat at the ean of a meal;
2.a meal made of soft pastry cooked in a bowl with meat;
popcorn - a food made from dried drains of maize (=a tall plant that produces yellow seeds) that swell when they are heated;
praline -
1.a sweet made by boiling nuts in sugar;
2.a chocolate sweet filled with a soft substance made from sugar and crushed nuts;
tutti-frutti - a type of ice-cream that contains small pieces of different types of fruit;
yogurt=yoghurt - a food made from milk that has become thick and slightly sour, sometimes with fruit added to it;
soufflé (Fr.) - a food that you make with eggs and bake into a high round shape.
Types of cheese:
Camembert – a type of soft round French cheese with a white skin;
Edam – a round, light yellow cheese covered with red wax, made in the Netherlands;
Gorgonzola – a type of soft white and blue Italian cheese with a strong taste;
Gouda – a type of hard yellow cheese with a fairy strong flavour that is made in Holland;
Mozzarella – a type of soft Italian cheese with a flavour that is hot strong;
Roquefort – a type of blue French cheese with a strong taste;
Swiss=Emmental – a type of cheese with a lot of holes in it.


cream-soda - a sweet drink with bubbles of gas in it that tasted of vanilla;
espresso (Ital.) - a small cup of very strong coffee; or this type of coffee;
iced coffee=ice coffee - a drink made from coffee mixed with ice and milk, or a glass of this drink;
iced tea=ice tea - a drink made from tea with ice, and sometimes lemon or sugar, or a glass of this drink;
ice-cream soda - a cold sweet drink made from ice-cream, a sweet flauvoured liquid and soda water;
hot chocolate - a drink made by mixing hot milk or water with chocolate powder;
milkshake - a sweet drink made by mixing with chocolate or fruit, and usually ice-cream;
milk chocolate - chocolate made with milk;
ice water - a drink of very cold water with small pieces of ice in it.

Fruit and vegetables:


Fast Food:

fish and chips (main dishes);
French fries = chips;
hot dog;
muesli (main dishes);
open sandwich;
potato chips = crisps;
submarine sandwich.

MacDonald's fast food:
Chicken, fish and pokk;
Other products;
Breakfats sandwiches;
Beverages (softdrinks);

BigMac (beefpatties, special BigMac sause, re-hydrates onions, two pickles, shredded lettuse, cheese on a toasted bun, with an additional middle bun);
Quarter Pounder (ground beef patty with ketchup, mus tard, slivered onions, two pickle slices, two slices of cheese);
Hamburgers and Cheeseburgers (ground beef patty with ketchup, mustard, a single dill pickle, re-hydrated onions or slieces of cheese on a toasted bun);
Big N'Tasty (beef patty with ketchup, mayonnaise with a grill flovoring, diced onions, two pickles, leaf lettuce, and a tomato slice on a toasted bun).
Chicken, fish and pokk:
McChicken (mildly spicy chicken sandwich: white meat chicken breads, mayonnaise, shredded lettuce on a toasted bun);
Premium chicken sandwiches (Crispy chicken and chicken McGrill sandwiches with mayonnause, leaf lettuse and a tomato slice);
Snack Wrap (white meat chicken breast (crispy or grilled), lettuce, shredded Cheddar cheese and Monterey Jack cheese and a sause (ranch, honey mustard or Chipotle barbecue), wrapped in a soft flour tortilla):
Chicken Fajita (chicken, cheese, red and green bell peppers, diced onion in a flour tortilla with Picante Sause);
Chicken Mc Nuggets (small chicken chunks with a dipping sause, only white meat);
Chicken Selects (=chicken strips) with spicy buggalo, creamy ranch, honey mustard, Chipotle Barbecue dipping sauses);
Filet-O-Fish (white fish fillet with tartar sause, a slice of cheese on a steamed bun);
Fish McDippers (pieces of breaded fish with dipping sauses);
McRib (a sandwich with Boneless pork with barbecue sause, diced onions and pickles).

Other products:
premium salads line (a mixture of lettuce, cherry tomatoes, different toppings: ex.-warm grilled or crispy chiken;
Caesar salad;
Garden salad (bacon bits, cheedar cheese, monterey Jack cheese and Ranch Dressing);
Asian salad (with mandarin oranges, red peppers, edamame, snow peas and an orange glaze for the chiken);
South west salad (with chili-ime tortilla strips, black beans, over-roasted, tomatoes, poblano peppers, fire-roaster corn, a lime wedge and a cilantro-lime glaze for the chiken);
Fruit and Walnut salad (appeles, grapes, and walnuts served with a small cup of yogurt);
Caprese salad.
the Happy Meal - meal for children featuring a Star Trek: the Motion Picture tie-in. The meal includes an entree, a side order, beverage and a toy - a product tie-in with a movie or popular TV show entree is a choice of hamburgers,
cheeseburgers, chiken Mc Nuggets, fries, sliced apple with caramel dip:
the Mighty kids Meal (a larger version of a Harry Meal);
French fries (chips or pommes fries);
Mc Muffins (poached egg, American cheese on a toasted English muffin. Sausage or bacon can also be ordered);
Bagels, biscuits and a special type of maple flavored pancake called McGriddles the sausageBurrito (a flour tortilla, sausage, shredded cheese, eggs, onion and peppers);
Mc Skillet wrap adds potatos and salsa;
Cinnamon Melt is a type of cinnamon roll.

Beverages (softdrinks):
Pepsi Cola;
Hot and iced tea;
Hot chocolate;
Lattes, espresso, iced coffee;
Milkshakes with Vanilla, Strawberry, and Chocolate Eggnog (LTO shake for Christmas), Banana, Strawberry Banana, Mango Raspberry, Honeycomd, Arctic Orange (sherbet), Shamrock shake (a green, peppermint LTO shake for ST.Patrick's Day), chocolate mint.

Soft serve ice-cream is avaible in several forms, including sundaes, cones and a mix-in dessert called the McFlurry;
the McFlurry is a vanilla ice-cream dessert that has pieces of candy, fruit or cookies mixed into it;
Cookies: McDonaldland cookies are similar to animals crackers;
Pies: McDonald's pies are actually baked turnovers with flavors including apple, cherry, pummkin;
the Fruit and Yogurt Parfait is a parfait that includes Yogurts, a mix of strawberries, blueberries, vanilla yogurt, and granola topping;
Smoothies, mango and strawberry flavors;
Pineapple empanadas.

Nutrition nutraceutical food:

It's interesting to know that…..
the most fashionable diet today is - NUTRITION NUTRACEUTICALS
(food considered as something that keeps you healthy);
it includes FAT-FREE or NON-FAT Food and Drinks:

It is worth bewaring of:

It is worth avoiding under eating:

There are 3 types of milk:

A person who enjoys good food and wine is called GOURMET (Fr.)

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